Nobles 64 in Action — Interview with Rick Farlow

SOAR is a New Hampshire organization that <does x>

resource for anyone currently in or recently left abusive situations.

Abuse: physical, emotional, financial. Any kind.

  1. Referrals to counsellors
  2. Help with financial issues (woman escapes with kids is all alone, no place to go). Escape but have no plan, money. Need shelter from abuser, hiding out, living in car.
  3. Provide enough publicity so abused folkes can find toll free number of SOAR
  4. Find them shelter, health care, counselling, funds for necessity (toothbrushes, towels, sheets, blankets)
  5. SOAR has counselors (volunteers or minimally paid)
  6. Network with other charitable orgs, churches, med facilities, shelters, employment sources (agencies), biz owners.
  7. Grief counselor is on the team

Monthly open house staffed by board. Theme depends on what is needed. Talia is host, heads up one day before Open HouseAlso used for fund raising. Flexible theme. Members of the community who want to contribute can get to know the SOAR team. Also a chance to learn about resources, for example a lawyer who might help out. Getting to know you.

Scrambling for donors, still very much in startup mode.


5 at present

two women good with web design, facebook, active socially, good networking potential.

Male bank manager, knows who is who financially.

Rick: Adviser, brings forward experience with corporate worlds, how to find right person to ask at an organization. Internet essentials (***cast) project and computers.

TV spots donated by ***cast. In other areas of country as well.

Interviews with Talia ?others

Talia degree in broadcast journalism. Good public presence.


***cast: have made a commitment to, details to be worked out. Free laptops but don’t tell anyone else.

“had just left their husband” living in cars for the last 3 months.

Aiming to be 501c(3) but now takes donations via sister non-profit.

Founded in 2019??  by Talia Walley ;; find out

New Hampshire, <find out name, Epping??>

Goals are <these>

Rick’s job is a. board member b. secretary of board c. advise on marketing and promotional issues chamber of commerce annual gatherings, corporate outreach (outreach to corporations!). Contact local chambers of comm. and other orgs that host to arrange guest presentations (guest speakers). Prize donations for raffles. Venues for fund raisers. Restaurants SOAR New Hampshire night. golf tournaments

Questions for Rick:

How did you get involved?

Have you done other volunteer work?

How did that work out?

What skills do you bring to the table?

Success story => ask Talia.

For more information contact <link, form, other>


Physical fitness: gym owners, personal trainers, Zumba studios, Fly Gym trapeze?? Good connections and volunteers from that group.

Nutrition counseling. Another forte.

Essex collect contributions. Clint Smith uses. Sent reference.

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