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Eliot T. Putnam
Eliot Putnam morning assembly






From the first time you met him you understood that Eliot T. Putnam was a man of great character. Every bit the leader, he was square-jawed and imposing; his look was stern but not forbidding, and his gaze was piercing. In the words of Tim Coggeshall, “He was very much in charge; he reminded me of a Naval Captain of a warship in command at the helm.” Whether observing games on the athletic fields, presenting an inspirational reading during morning assembly or jotting comments on our report cards, he touched the life of every student at the school, and his leadership continues to influence us.

The Putnam Legacy video which follows traces Eliot Putnam’s career at Nobles from 1943 to 1971, and his effect on the characters not only of the students under his tutelage but of the school itself.

From the Noble and Greenough School collection. Used with the permission of Noble and Greenough School and authored by former Nobles faculty member James Bride.

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