6/29/16 Mini-Reunion with Frank Cobb

Welcome back, Frank


To best capture the spirit of this multiple day event, let's hear Frank's own recounting, sent via email to the class:

My Noble Friends: I want to thank you all for making my Boston visit such a very special experience. The dinner on Wednesday made the trip a success, and then it only got better and better.

Some time in Duxbury with Ned Lawson, Ned Bigelow and George Darrell, with a cameo appearance from DA Mittel, some one on one time with John Axten handling his daughter's moving snags to Long Island City, NY (bravo John for handling this so well), the Ned Lawson tour of Duxbury and the boat ride down to Plymouth, meeting John's daughter Kate and her dog Clyde, meeting Ned Lawson's son in Duxbury, some one on one time with George - it all worked out so very well.

I have had the pleasure of meeting George's son (and his granddaughter Eve who I promptly fell in love with - alas I am sure she does not remember me) and his daughter (too early to meet Jordi - maybe one day I will get the chance), one of Ned Lawson's sons (maybe the only one - it is hard to keep this stuff straight - some of us need a kind of roster or scorecard for sure).

I think I have a coffee table book somewhere about Scenic New England that I need to dig out and enjoy, or else order a similar book of pictures of New England to enjoy. Every time I come back it feels like I am coming home somehow.

What a great trip and thank you all so much for making this happen.

I am planning a return trip to Boston October 18 to October 25, hoping to see everyone who is available and to enjoy the autumn temperatures and the colorful foliage. Every trip is different, and everyone has their busy schedules. We will see what develops and can be arranged. It is hard to imagine a trip that could be better than this last one, but this is not the objective for the October trip - just another good one to enjoy and remember.

Photo Gallery


Front row, from left: Sandy Bigelow, Janet Lawson, Dena Hamilburg, George Darrell and Frank Cobb. Back row, from left: Maurice Hamilburg, Clint Smith, Ned Bigelow, Dave Brooks, John Axten and Ned Lawson


Sandy Bigelow, left, and Janet Lawson


From left: Frank Cobb, George Darrell, Dave Brooks, Ned Lawson and Ned Bigelow


From left: Dena Hamilburg, Janet Lawson, George Darrell, Ned Bigelow and Frank Cobb


From left: Ned Bigelow, Doc Brooks downing a cold one, and Maurice Hamilburg


From left: George Darrell, Dave Brooks, Frank Cobb, John Axten, Ned Lawson and Ned Bigelow


Ned Lawson, left, and Clint Smith


John Axten, left, and Ned Lawson


From left: Sandy Bigelow, Dena Hamilburg, Janet Lawson, George Darrell


Another Lawson and Smith selfie


From left: Frank Cobb, Ned Lawson, Ned Bigelow


From left: Sandy Bigelow, Dena Hamilburg and Janet Lawson

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