25th Reunion 1989

25th reunion 1989

1989 25th Reunion

198906 Nobles 03-01

Nick King, Margaret Pantridge, David Kane and Frank Reece


198906 Nobles 01-02

Morris Gray and Steen Rydahl


198906 Nobles 03-02

Bob Botsford and Art Watson


198906 Nobles 05-01

Ned Bigelow, Ned Lawson and Bob Waldinger


198906 Nobles 21-02

Topher Cutler and Frank Reece


198906 Nobles 13-02

Frank Reece and Ned Bigelow


198906 Nobles 13-03

How many Wigginses does it take to change a light bulb?


198906 Nobles 09-02

Addie Wolbach and Gail Wiggins


198906 Nobles 11-02

Dave Brooks, Morris Gray and Sandy Bigelow


198906 Nobles 09-01

B Wolbach and Topher Cutler


You gotta be kidding?

You gotta be kidding?

198906 Nobles 11-01

"So this duck walks into a bar..."


Dave Kane Nick King

Nick King and Dave Kane

198906 Nobles 15-01

Frank Cobb and B Wolbach


198906 Nobles 17-01

John Paine addresses the gathering.


198906 Nobles 19-02

Steen Rydahl with Addie and B Wolbach


198906 Nobles 19-03

B and Addie Wolbach with Ned and Sandy Bigelow


198906 Nobles 23-02

Carol Golubock and Art (wearing B's shirt ???) Watson


198906 Nobles 25-02

Ned Lawson and Sandy Bigelow get down and funky.


Two to go

Ken Morse and Karen Rydahl rock out.

198906 Nobles 23-03

Carol Golubock and Steen Rydahl shake it.


One to get ready

Ned Lawson shows off his moves to Karen Rydahl.

198906 Nobles 27-01

Art Watson rocks it.


198906 Nobles 23-01

Steen and Karen Rydahl work it out.


198906 Nobles 25-01

The house is rockin'.


That's a bunt?

But Flynn let drive a single, to the wonderment of all...

198906 Nobles 33-03

And now the leather-covered sphere came hurtling through the air, And Casey stood a-watching it in haughty grandeur there…


Pitcher's assistant

And now the pitcher holds the ball...

198906 Nobles 33-02

And now she lets it go...


198906 Nobles 35-02

And now the air is shattered by the force of Casey's blow.


198906 Nobles 37-02

Nick King and Steen Rydahl


198906 Nobles 31-01

B Wolbach and Nick King's son, now Dr. Franklin King IV


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