Remembering Morris

Later life (photos courtesy of Bob Gray and Gray family)

Morris Gray Sr, Morris, Bill Gray N70, and Bob Gray N66 c. 2006 (photo supplied by Bob Gray)

At Nobles

Senior year portrait for classbook

Bob Botsford rendering for the 1964 Classbook

Contemplating... Worth it?

Yes! Let's do it (Quisset pre-graduation blowout)

Back row. Good choice. The Bear can't see that far...

Future financial wizzard

In the beginning (second row, third from right)

And in the end.... (second row, third from right)

College years and Navy

Morris actually likes being in college (Axten photo)

But they do have final exams... (Axten photo)

Courtesy of Bob Gray

Courtesy of Bob Gray

Naval splendor (Courtesy of Bob Gray)

Morris with fellow officer and lifelong friend, Duke Devlin

Watch out world...

Uncle Morris with nieces Yessica (Bob) and Emily (Bill), nephew Ben (Bob)

Morris with Louise Sylvester

Old Head Ireland: Bob, Morris, Bill and Ben Gray (Bob)

Instant classic: Morris in full evening finery

Nobles Reunions

35th with George Darrell

35th: B Wolbach, Morris, Ned Lawson, Mike Wiggins

35th: Morris and Nick King

35th: Sandy Bigelow, Gray, David and Aggie Kane, Ned Bigelow

35th: Morris watches while Frank Reece pours

Joel Richman, Bob Waldinger, Morris Gray

50th: Morris and Rick Farlow

Morris and Bob Botsford

From 2018

Bob, Bill and Morris Gray, Nonquit 2018

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