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This web site is for the Class of 1964 of Noble & Greenough School

Brief history: At our 50th reunion in May 2014, Alexander “Sandy” Caskey announced the intention to construct a web site for the class. He asked Rick Farlow to join in, remembering his stellar work on our classbook, and is fortunate that Rick accepted. We view this web site not only as an access point for our collective history (archival), but also as a venue for discussions, announcements, and updates (focal point for ongoing contact).

Please consider what you see here today a humble beginning; we count on your support, via contributions and suggestions, to make this site both representative and worthy of the group we were and have become. We will expand the site to include greater coverage of the faculty that taught us (Masters of Nobles); that effort is active and ongoing. We wish also to provide, through collaboration with classmates, more information about ourselves, particularly about the time we shared at Nobles. Don’t be surprised if you hear from us with requests to share your memories, photos, and thoughts.

Thanks to the all the following for both creating and contributing the media that graces these pages:

Ned Bigelow, Ned Lawson, Alexander Caskey, Carmen Lozano, Clint Smith (our true archivist), Rick Farlow, John Riley, B Wolbach, and Art Watson. We are so indebted to B for his video talents in fact that we have made him a member of the team.

Special thanks go to Isa Schaff, school archivist, Brooke Asnis ’90, Greg Croak ’06 (Director of Graduate Affairs), and former faculty member and star media producer, Jim Bride. Bigelow and Lawson deserve to be mentioned here as well since they have nobly and cheerfully fielded a large number of (often dumb) questions from the editors.

The Nobles64.org Website team

Alexander Caskey, Rick Farlow, Maurice Hamilburg and B Wolbach