Noblest Friday afternoon sessions in the Castle (Friday May 10)

We heard students talk about their experience and listened to Cathy Hall describe new directions at Nobles before taking questions from Noblest alumni.

Working our way from the schoolhouse toward the Castle

Carmen looks for someone familiar

Look at what the Nobles Outing Club is up to these days!

Working our way toward the Castle: Steen, Karen, Caskey, Smith (?), and Bigelow

Q&A with members of the Class of 2020

Address by Catherine Hall, Head of School

Claims to be paying attention...

Trying to be serious as we pose with the Head of School

Getting more serious...

The official version

Gathering for dinner, reconnecting


Lawson, Caskey with Carmen (Lozano)

The Dinger made it

Old car pool buddies and Gail (Wiggins)

Durrelli and bride

Maurice manages the dinner discourse.

Darrell and Morse reconnect

Wiggins and Lawson

Starting to get serious about group picture

Working on it...


Gail Wiggins and Sandy Bigelow

Greensleeves -- we didn't have that

The one and only

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