55th Reunion Report

The Class of 1964 again showed up in force, following our own "designer" program of events while blending in with the official Noblest program. Our first time amongst the Noblest (post-50th reunion).


We enjoyed a mid-morning guided tour of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum followed by lunch at the museum's Café G. Afternoon alumni sessions in the Castle featured a round table with Nobles seniors, and an address and Q&A session with school head, Catherine Hall. Still in the Castle, we attended a cocktail reception followed by the Noblest dinner.


Five hardy souls got in and out of a shell on Motley's Pond in the morning, while others watched and enjoyed the Graduate's Day festivities. Pure joy at the Hamilburg residence in the evening, buoyed by a paella espectacular created by Maurice and Dena. We got Topher to recite again, as he did at our 50th. For many, this was the high point of the weekend and proof once again that the Class of 1964 is one of the best, most cohesive classes of the era. This was our own event, not part of the official schedule.


Clint and Elizabeth Smith hosted a sumptuous brunch for us at their home, also our own N64 event. We saw the same level of camraderie and excitement that began on Friday extend throughout the gathering. It was Mother's Day so we thank all the mothers present for sacrificing at least part of their celebration to a noble cause.

We now look forward to our 60th!

Friday morning at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

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Noblest afternoon sessions in the Castle

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Noblest Dinner in the Castle

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Saturday Row on Motley's Pond

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Saturday dinner chez Hamilburg

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Sunday farewell brunch at Clint and Elizabeth Smith's house

Sunday brunch chez Smith

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  • That was a long row, Topher!….and really enjoyable
    My Dad always said a rowing coach was the most important of any sport coaches (ie… Harry Parker)
    Not so sure that the rowers aren’t important too. As Ben Smith (H-‘67) opined ‘it’s who you get off the bus with’.
    Unfortunately , I will not have time tonight to finish ‘The Red Badge of Courage’, or understand it like I didn’t when I had to write that Essay.

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