2018 Mini Reunion

June 4, 2018 Mini Reunion

On June 4th, 2018 twelve N64 alums and six of their significant others gathered at Joe's Bar and Grill in Dedham for a congenial evening and an excellent meal. 

Present were John and Judy Axten, Ned and Sandy Bigelow, Alexander Caskey and Carmen Lozano (present from Seattle), Topher Cutler, George Darrell, Rick Farlow, Maurice and Dena Hamilburg, Nick King, Ned and Janet Lawson, Art Watson, Mike Wiggins, B Wolbach and Brandy Wheeler.


From left: Lawson, Bigelow, Caskey, Farlow, Hamilburg, Wiggins, King, Cutler, Axten, Darrell, Watson.

From left: Ned Lawson, B. Wolbach and Brandy Wheeler

From left: Ned Lawson, B. Wolbach and Brandy Wheeler

Ned Bigelow (left) and B Wolbach

From left: George Darrell, Art Watson, John Axten, Maurice Hamilburg, Brandy Wheeler, Alexander Caskey, Mike Wiggins, Carmen Lozano.

From left: Janet Lawson, Sandy Bigelow, Nick King, Ned Lawson, (TBD)

Janet Lawson (left) and Sandy Bigelow

Alexander Caskey (left) and Nick King

Ned Bigelow

Rick Farlow

Topher Cutler (left) and Ned Bigelow

From left: Alexander Caskey, Carmen Lozano, George Darrell

Topher Cutler

John Axten

Maurice Hamilburg

Topher Cutler (left) and Ned Bigelow

Brandy Wheeler and Alexander Caskey

Ned Lawson


From left: Dena Hamilburg, Topher Cutler and Brandy Wheeler

Janet Lawson

Sandy Bigelow

Nick King

George Darrell

Topher Cutler (left) and Rick Farlow

From left: Maurice Hamilburg, Brandy Wheeler, Dena Hamilburg

From left: Art Watson, Janet Lawson, Ned Lawson, John Axten

From left: Ned Bigelow, Nick King, Mike Wiggins, Sandy Bigelow

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