Rogues’ Gallery from 1964

Bob Botsford joined our ranks in the Fifth Class year, and it didn't take long to discover we had an artistic genius in our midst. Bob cranked out amazing line drawings apparently effortlessly, and to our delight, from then until Graduation.

Amazed and amused by Bob's prolific and hilarious artistic output those year, we were nevertheless astounded when he voluntarily turned out the remarkable drawings presented below to accompany our Classbook profiles.

Thanks so much Bob for contributing so much to our Nobles experience.

John Axten

Sandy Bolster

Bob Botsford

Ian Burr

Frank Cobb

George "Sandy" Darrell

Alan Gauld

Morris Gray

Maurice Hambilburg

Dave Kane

Ned Lawson

Ken Morse

John Paine

Bill Priest

Joel Richman

Jim Ritvo

Dick Shipley

Peter Snell

Bob Waldinger

Art Watson

B Wolbach

Ned Bigelow

Forrest Booth

Dave Brooks

Alexander "Sandy" Caskey

Topher Cutler

Rick Farlow

Fin Glidden (Guillermo Rios)

Dick Grossman

John "Jeff" Jewett

Nick King

Bill Miles

Jim Nicolls

Steen Rydahl

Frank Reece

John Riley

Steve Roy

Clint Smith

Andy Stanhope

John Warren

Mike Wiggins