Possible workshop or project themes (Feb 2021)

2. Let’s study how Muslims and Hindus work out their differences in India. What is the history? How does it differ from what we see in this country?

3. Explore how the Stonewall riots in NYC changed the world.

4. How does discrimination by socioeconomic status work? How does it intertwine with other forms of discrimination? How could it be eliminated?

5. To what degree are discrimination and repression of others encoded by default in human behavior? Could you say also that capitalism (i,e, let me get as much as I can just for me, too bad about anyone else) is a default human condition and discrimination/repression go hand and hand together? If indeed they do, where then does democracy (or socialism) come from? What has kept experiments in democracy alive? What has caused them to fail? What about the Revolution of 1848 in Europe? What were the lasting changes? What did not survive and why?